Bookdown/Rmarkdown vs. me

These days I have bumped into so many issues in Bookdown. Having been asking at GitHub and RStudio Community with no one answering, it’s my own quest now.

Issues with Bookdown

  • some unknown configs would overwrite GitBook’s TOC settings. I.e., output: bookdown::gitbook: config: toc: collapse: none becomes ineffective.
  • Putting anything in the output: bookdown::gitbook: config: sharing: all: […] list crashes the sharing menu
  • bookdown::gitbook: css is ineffective works after many refreshes

Issues with Rmarkdown

  • The method in the documentation for embedding YouTube video (![](link)) does not work. Instead, use the embedding iframe link provided by YouTube.
  • When doing citation, you cannot put two dashes in any key (--), otherwise that entry is not recognised anywhere
  • Cannot put .bib files in sub-folders, otherwise it would not be found