MacBook gets very warm overnight while closed & connected to power adapter

The Problem

It’s been several days, and I am rightfully annoyed by the fact that everyday when I wake up and put my Mac into the backpack, it is WARM. (It gets warm doing very light works as well, but I’m gonna look into that another time.)

I’m using MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018) with Catalina 10.15 (19A583). I’ll try to keep the “wake reason log” during this process, but they are so long so I just post a representative portion of it for every day.

Informative Pages

Here is a list of informative articles and forums that have mentioned this (from most recent):

Potensial solutions that I don’t want to try yet


Wake reason log (these five lines repeat almost every minute for the whole night):

There seems to be several different reasons for this, but today I’m doing the basic: turning off the two toggles in power setting that were checked. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


I did so many things yesterday that I do not understand what worked. Today it’s not warm anymore, but the waking history still looks annoying.
Today’s wake reason log, pretty much nothing has changed.

So I consulted one of the reddit thread, and turned on two toggles in do not disturb settings. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


So I forgot to connect my mac to power adapter yesterday night. Today when I opened the lid, it still has around 70% power, which is good
Wake reason log (repeat less than before, but still a lot):

kernel: AppleACPIPlatform: EC.RTC (Alarm)

This thing is new, so here are the top Google results:

There seems to be two solutions, either disable autoupdate time and date (which I don’t want to) + disable autoupdate time zone (which I already did), or this command:
sudo defaults write /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ ProgramArguments -array-add -DisableSleepProxyClient
Curious enough, I don’t have the file I did not delete it or anything, it’s just not there. I don’t have either, which came with the older system? Need to do more research before actually doing anything about it.
Meanwhile, I used OnyX to clean up Spotlight indices among other things, as well as sudo mdutil -a -i off (after this, mac automatically turned it back on for the time machine volume, which is a feature according to Google). Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


Woke up and found that the mac is dead cold. Cool.
Wake reason log (repeat every hour, which is much better than before):

Well, up to this point, I want to look into each of the reasons.


CPU usage… corespeechd | MacRumors Forums
Tried the fix in this thread: corespeechd is sending a massive amount t… - Apple Community


Found this fix, may try tomorrow: CPU usage… corespeechd | MacRumors Forums

kernel: AppleTopCaseHIDEventDriver: Host (0x01)



Busy days, but I managed to keep all the logs at the beginning of each day, so here they are. Up to this point there are really nothing new. Dumb person as I am, I start to notice the pattern here.
The morning of 9th I woke up and found that the mac is warm again, but the rest two days were just cool and fine.
So I’m gonna do the trick: turn on and off Siri, and immediately restart the computer. If the log still looks like this tomorrow, well then we’re going all the way to SMC land.


No, nothing has changed. Reset SMC and see what happens tomorrow.